Martin Taylor

Hi-Fi Enthusiast and IT Geek

Everything Changes

I came to the conclusion that, with the current proliferation of social media and internet forums, I simply don't need to maintain my own website any longer.  As an IT geek I have to lead the way, and like it or not we live in a connected world where these are the places to present oneself.

If you have a Windows 8.1 computer, Windows Phone 8 and OneDrive, you already understand the connectedness of everything.  If you don't, you'll catch up one day.




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The Audio Standard

I am an administrator of the new The Audio Standard hi-fi forum.  You will find me there most days as MartinT.  We're a friendly forum for both lovers of music and hi-fi.  Come and join us!

Martin Taylor BSc (Eng), PGCE, MBCS, FIDM, MCIM


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